October 05, 2018

What does your blade of choice reveal about you

While there are certain traits that all Arno Bernard knife collectors share like: good taste, a knack for splendid quality and being tough; there are also specific qualities associated with our 2018 fixed blades. Sit back and let us tell you what your choice of blade might reveal about you. So, without further ado, the Bongo possessor:

The Boisterous Bongo

The Bongo with its very efficient drop point design is perfect for the direct, goal-achieving manly-man. This is why the Bongo is usually associated with desirable men that have ambitious goals and mean what they say. By being passionate and adventurous these fellas are never passively content with mediocrity. They like to do new things and aren't afraid of change. Using their “go to” knife they will never allow themselves to be average - whether they’re hunting whitetail, elk or medium plains. A Bongo fellow is not afraid of commitment, following-through or being responsible. This might just explain why they are such a big hit with the ladies…

The Bold Bateleur

The Bateleur bloke is a guy who displays discipline, self-control and confidence. They are meticulous at caping jobs. These chaps have mastered the art of temperance; they think before they act, and don’t let their emotions get the best of them. By carrying the Bateleur with its new lanyard and bead and locking sheath design they are also great role models. Being mature and self-confident gents, the Bateleur owner knows himself and what he stands for. His opinions and viewpoints do not blow with the winds. Finally the Bateleur fellow is detail-orientated and sophisticated with his bird and trout knife.


The Well-Mannered Marmoset

The Marmoset blade lover is a gentleman. This sought-after guy is not only polite, respectful, considerate, and attentive to a woman’s needs, but also genuine and thoughtful. He uses his Marmoset knife for processing small game and fowl while treating everyone around him with kindness and equal importance. He also displays classic gentleman behaviour such as pulling out a woman’s chair, opening the car door for her and taking her coat, while sporting his beautiful EDC. We here at Arno Bernard believe that if all men chose the Marmoset we would live in a better world filled with knights in shining armour.

The Babbling Badger

The Badger collector is a worldly, interesting problem solver. While donning around his clip point design Badger knife he is well-spoken. This fella knows how to speak effectively, develop his conversational abilities and does not flop around like a fish out of water during a braai (barbeque). These men are witty and people usually hang onto every word they say. To put it bluntly - folks like to converse with Badger enthusiasts. Lastly these blokes also express a lot of integrity. The Badger investor’s integrity is highly respected and in return, they respect others. While processing small game, fowl, and even deer-sized animals these guys will always stand up for their beliefs and choose the moral high ground.

Well there you have it! Now you can go and decide whether your blade of choice really does reveal your personality. Let us know in the comments!

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