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      To the Point — Camping

      Fine Hunting Knives for your Everyday Use

      Not just for a special occasion, Arno Bernard Knives are for every occasion.
      We never know what the next hunting/fishing/camping trip will bring. Perhaps it will be the best outing you have ever had, the one you remember fondly that becomes your most entertaining story to tell. Imagine how much better your experience would have been if you had your favourite gear with you and not the second rate stuff. Enjoy the fine things your have today.

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      Three Outdoor Adventures for the Wild at Heart

      Three Outdoor Adventures for the Wild at Heart
      The best place to recover from office fatigue, workload pressures and just the general stress and anxiety that living in the 21st century brings, is, naturally, the great outdoors! Most South Africans are wild at heart and love an adventure. To be clear, you can have an outdoor adventure without a knife, but the adventure just wouldn't be the same. You wouldn't have the envy of all your friends, and you wouldn't need the excuse to whip out your knife at every opportunity. Arno Bernard is a family of knife makers who use their heritage of craftsmanship handed down through many generations of knife makers designing and creating superior knives with high-quality components and exotic South African materials.

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