$20 Flat rate shipping on orders over $150


Q - What steel do you use?
A – We use Bohler N690 with a Rockwell hardness of 59-60Rc

Q – Do you stabilize your handle materials?
A – Yes. We’ve developed our own in-house stabilizing process that significantly reduces the shrinkage and cracking of our natural materials.

Q – How do I care for my knife?
A – Oil your handle material with any penetrating wood oil from time to time to avoid complete dry-out of your handle material. If you store your knife for long periods of time, put some WD40 oil on you blade. Wipe of any excess oils from your blade and handle. DO NOT store your knife for extended periods in its sheath.

Q – Do you ship to the USA?
A – No we do not ship to the USA. Please visit our Dealer page or contact us via email for assistance.

Q – Do you ship Worldwide
A – Yes we do. We also charge a flat rate shipping on orders over $150. Please contact your local Customs office about any restrictions concerning knives. We do not take any responsibility for knives seized by your local Customs office.

Q – How long does it take to receive my knife?
A – We are a make to order company. Which means we start making your knife as soon as your order is received via our website. It typically takes us 7-10 business to make your knife. Depending on Customs, it usually takes 7 days for you knife to arrive after it was shipped.

Q – Why is my handle material not exactly the same as the picture on your website?
A – Each natural handle material is unique and will always differ from knife to knife.

Q – Does my knife come with a sheath?
A – Each knife comes standard with a bovine sheath at no extra charge. We offer an optional upgrade in Ostrich shin leather.