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      To the Point — pairing knife

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      Fine Hunting Knives for your Everyday Use

      Not just for a special occasion, Arno Bernard Knives are for every occasion.
      We never know what the next hunting/fishing/camping trip will bring. Perhaps it will be the best outing you have ever had, the one you remember fondly that becomes your most entertaining story to tell. Imagine how much better your experience would have been if you had your favourite gear with you and not the second rate stuff. Enjoy the fine things your have today.

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      The History of Knife Making

      The History of Knife Making
      What would you say is the best man-made invention throughout the ages? Some might say the electric light or the telephone or perhaps the automobile. But of course, we would argue that the best thing made by man is the cutting edge. The first knife-like tools were made in prehistoric times. These hand tools, or Oldowan, are the oldest known and said to have first appeared 2-3 million years ago. They were made by chipping stones to create a chopping or cutting edge and were typically made from a single "core" stone. These knives were made and used as needed and for hunting purposes and basic survival.

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