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      If you live in Canada, you probably know how important it is to have your own hunting knife. We offer you handmade hunting knives Canada that are great for skinning animals and cutting up the meat.  

      When it comes to custom pocket knives Canada has many variations, styles and uses. Many craftsmen have made producing them into art. We know everything about knives and their uses, so read on to see which one you need. 

      Custom Hunting Knives Canada

      hunting knive canada

      Contrary to its name, it is not necessary to cut or skin animals with a hunting knife. This name if just a part of history that we can’t change. You can surely use your knife in your adventures to cut off tree branches, pick flowers, berries, and mushrooms. However, there are knives that are specifically made for hunting animals and designed for stabbing. 

      There are many types of hunting knives these days, suitable for any type of cutting and slicing. Be sure to find the best hunting knife Canada produces at our shop and don’t forget to check out our new collection. The knives are custom made, and each one has an individual design to fit your specific needs and tastes.

      Most Canadian hunters use hunting knives for gutting, skinning, boning and butchering, and we are happy to provide you with information on different types of hunting knives and their uses below.

      The History of a Hunting Knife

      The hunting knife is probably one of the tools that have been around the longest. It is believed that the knife is about as old as the hammer. It all began with blades made of stone, shell, and bone. 

      People in Ancient Egypt began to create wooden handles for those stone blades to make them more convenient and usable. Those ancient knives differed from what you see today a lot but still, they worked. They were used for hunting and all-purpose house needs, including skinning and cutting meat. 

      handmade hunting knives Canada

      After a while, a man named Jim Bowie changed the knife production industry. He modified lots of knives for specific needs, took different styles and combined them all in one knife model. He was inspired by Spanish, Finnish, and basic butcher knives. 

      Now you can find a Bowie knife pretty much everywhere and it is considered to be one of the most comfortable and useful knives. It became popular among hunters and trappers in Canada for its functionality and ability to skin and butcher with ease.

      Now let’s talk about the basic functions hunting knives need to have.

      One of the main uses of hunting knives is gutting. This is the process of removing the internal organs to prevent the meat from rotting. Gutting is the first thing a hunter does after killing an animal. Gutting knives have hooks that simplify the whole process: you simply cut the skin and remove the organs. It is as easy as it sounds. 

      The second thing you should do with the animal is to skin it. Having one of the custom folding knives Canada boasts of is very useful here. You need to separate the skin from the meat and abdominal tissues carefully so the muscles, tissues, and skin itself won’t be damaged.  For this purpose, skinning knives have shorter and thinner blades that are curved. 

      Then, you should get your deboning knife for a smoother process. Getting the meat off the bones is not rocket science, but you need to have a nice instrument to make this part of the process as smooth as it can be. Having a large set of different knives is a necessity for hunting in Canada.

      Then you need to cut up all the meat you have. Use your butchering knife for convenience. Make sure that it is sharp so it will go into the meat better, smoother, and faster. Clean cuts are what you want. 

      If you want to put the head on your wall as a trophy, take it to your local taxidermist. To cape a dead animal, cut away all the skin around the shoulders, neck, and chest with your hunting knife. 

      And now let’s cover all the hunting knife types that are out there. The  custom pocket knives Canada sells include all of these types.

      Types of Pocket Knives Canada

      Here are several cheap pocket knives Canada that you can easily find and use them anywhere. 

      The most classic one is the camp knife. It is a multi-purpose hunting knife that can do most of the tasks we’ve covered earlier. Its general design is a larger drop point knife that can do lots of different things around the campsite.  

      custom pocket knives Canada

      The Bowie knife is probably the most iconic one. It found its fame during the 19th and 20th century. It is also a multi-purpose hunting knife that is very convenient to carry around. Lots of hunting knives are modeled after the Bowie knife.

      The caping knife is the one you need when it comes to creating a trophy for your wall. The caping knife has an upturned point on a smaller blade. They can be used for many tasks besides caping since they are very comfortable to work with. 

      Skinning knives have a short and thin blade that curves. This structure allows to carefully cut the skin off without damaging it or tearing the muscles. These blades have to be very sharp with a non-slide handle. 

      Boning knives have narrow flexible blades. They are quite similar to fillet knives that also remove skin and meat from bone quite nicely. 

      You can also order a hunting set that has all the necessary types of knives in it. This is the best choice if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a long time picking out each knife. Start with one universal set and then just order extra ones that you really need.

      There are several additional features hunting knives can have. For example, you can find a specific model with or without a gut hook. 

      Blades and Folding Knives Canada

      There are three main blade types: clip point, drop point, and a skinning blade. This is just a preference and you can use the type of knife you need at the moment.

      The clip point blade is based on the Bowie knife and has been used for many years. It is an all-purpose blade that is great for puncturing. It is called the clip point because of the part of the blade which is clipped off.

      The drop point blade offers more control and durability. It is great for slicing and hunting hogs. 

      The third most popular type is a multi-purposed skinner blade. It has a spine that is curved upward and then backs down toward the point. 

      We have a slip joint folder called the Rinkhals and we are launching our flipper folder called the iMamba® by the end of November 2020.


      Overall, getting a hunting knife is an important step that you need to approach carefully. Read about all the types of hunting knives and pick one or several for yourself. Get yourself a real Canadian hunting experience with one of our custom-made knives.