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      Skinning Hunting Knives

      Hunting Skinning Knives

      Gorgeous authentic knives cannot leave either a keen collector, a practical user or a plain lover of hand-forged, steel accessories indifferent. Check out the specifics of some of the coolest, original skinning hunting knife models in the business - get the best skinning knife for professional hunting or as a gift, heirloom, collection item.

      Arno’s Handpicked Collection

      2 things to make clear before purchasing a Skinning Hunting Knife

      • Is it a professional need or just a hobby?

      hand-made hunting knife may be an awesome heirloom or item of collection, as well as a piece of equipment for professional hunting.

      • What is the size of the animal you want to hunt?

      Yes, it matters a lot. Everything from the knife’s size to the blade design should be considered according to the characteristics of the animal you would like to hunt.

      Arno’s Hunting Knives Options

      Medium skinning knives

      Hunting deer, goats, boars, etc. we recommend choosing a medium-sized knife from the Arno’s assortment. The blade length can vary from 7 to 10 cm long. It is a suitable option for skinning an animal with no extra effort.

      Large skinning knives

      Zebra, buffalo, moose and other big animals’ skin is thick, so it is pretty hard to skin them as it is. However, the task gets easier if you opt for a larger, heavier knife from the assortment.

      Each and Every Arno’s Skinning Knife’s Features


      The material is the most important thing when buying a skinning hunting knife online.

      On our website, you can find the best option in the modern market. Bohler N690 chromium steel demonstrates unique sturdiness and inherent plasticity characteristics, famous for its:

      • Exceptional hardness with deep plasticity;
      • Great corrosion resistance;
      • Tolerance to high loads;
      • Strengthened edge-holding capabilities etc.

      This homogeneous steel guarantees the spectacular quality of knives you can find on our website. 


      A successful purchase is impossible without considering the handle.

      We sell premium-class knives for your spectacular collection. All the handles of every other skinning hunting knife presented on our web pages are hand-made. Rare breeds of wood are chosen to provide you with a unique variety of knives.

      Every skinning hunting knife in the collection comes with the exclusive sheath not included in the items’ prices.

      Do you have questions remaining? If so, just drop us a line and we will answer them immediately!

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