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Your Best Hunting Knife - for Use or Just Collecting

Do you hunt often? Perhaps, you are simply a fan of top-quality, state-of-art knives to fill your own collection? Arno Bernard compact knives will be your die-hard sharp assistants for any case or purpose. Highly durable and efficient at work, impeccable when simply put on display — these are some of the best artsy mobile tools available for sale on the market and are manufactured for enthusiasts by artistic masters.   

True Hunting Finesse That Fits Your Pocket

It’s small and compact, yet tough and sturdy as a real-deal Scandinavian sword. Don’t take our word for it. Arno Bernard fixed blade knives are created with hunting practicality in mind. You can take one of these hunting pocket knives and safely go straight for medium-sized game, such as any whitetail or elk.

Each knife has a firm grip, fine balance, and a blade composed of high-grade Bohler N690 steel. This is not just another product bought in another online store, it is a trusty, handy cutter to serve you for years to come, and it can even become an heirloom at some point, as it was purchased from an exclusive manufacturer.  

A Perfect Portable Hunting Companion to Buy

Why else should you purchase one of the fixed blade Arno Bernard beauties?

  • Mobility — the recessed handles contributes to the light weight and makes it a joy to carry in a pack;
  • Grip — handles are made only with premium materials, and their final design is for you to choose. Pick from:
    • Giraffe bone;
    • Sheep horn;
    • G10 black;
    • Snakeskin carbon fiber (solid pitch black color with a skin-like look to it)
    • Kudu Bone;
  • Multipurpose — a great item for display, an awesome gift, an efficient hunting tool, emergency solution, and impeccable heirloom — you name the purpose, it fits it.

Purchase your own Arno Bernard pocket knife online right now for hunting or just set it on display as an addition to your sharp collection. The price won’t bite, yet you will get an exclusive fixed blade hunting knife to please your eyes and hands.