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      Large Hunting Knives

      Hunting knives are a variety of cold steel arms that serve either hunters or fishermen in the wild natural surroundings. Such knives are great for hunting prey, flaying it, butchering it, etc. Moreover, a big hunting knife can be a real rescuer and a trusty survival assistant if you are stuck in some treacherous part of the forest.

      The Variety

      One should choose a type of modern hunting knife based on one’s goals in using it in the long run. The thing is, the particular purpose of a certain knife dictates its size, shape, handle dimensions, blade length, and other technical peculiarities. That is why a good hunter has several knives in hand, each serving a different purpose. Hunting knives are not that hard to come across in various specialized stores that are selling various kinds of knives such as:

      • Finishing-off knives. The most famous and legendary knife in this category is the Bowie Knife, which features an elongated blade. It is quite a multipurpose tool that, however, serves best as a livestock finishing-off device;
      • animal flaying & processing knives. These are, usually, scissor-type knives that feature short, wide blades, sometimes with a special hook for cutting skin on the backside. Skinner and drop-point knives fit this category. Usually, these types of knives have a blade shorter than their handle;
        • General labor activities. This is a wide category of large hunting knives that includes models of various dimensions with different handles that can be almost as long as a machete. They serve the widest scope of tasks from repairing works to the chopping of moderate branches and firewood. 

        A separate selection characteristic is the way the knife is built – models composed in full accordance with the technology, based on high-quality materials, will serve you for the longest time and stay durable (thus, large hunting knives provided by tried-and-tested manufacturers don’t require sharpening for years). Additionally, your purchase will be utterly ergonomic to fit any size of palm. Obviously, such items are unlikely to be found at such a low price.

        Large Arno Bernard Hunting Knives as a Quintessence of Functionality+Quality

        Here at Arno Bernard Knives we use only two steel types at the moment - N690 (fixed blades) and  RWL34 (folder)– materials that are resistant to corrosion and wearing off, and stay sharp for long periods of time. Separate exclusive models produced in limited series are featured with the Damascus Alabama-steel blades – materials with enhanced corrosion resistance and resilience. These knives can be found at African Sporting Creations.

        In producing handles, the brand uses expensive natural materials: usually, these include natural giraffe skin, warthog tusk, kudu bone and mammoth molar – materials resistant to any kind of biological influence. 

        All in all, Arno Bernard knives are not just useful, but also a truly original, neat-looking gift.

        Buy Yourself a Large Hunting Knife

        Wish to buy large hunting knife? Just take a look at some items for sale from the Arno Bernard store. Our experts can choose the most fitting model for you that meets all of your requirements online.

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