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      Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

      A Beautiful Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Collection

      Knives have been used as hunting tools for generations. However, with the passage of time, the instrument has changed in quality, ease of use, and range of applications. A custom fixed blade is one of many types of hunting knives you can purchase, yet it still remains one of the best options.

      Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Uses

      Although there are knives made specifically for one task, most hunting blades are suitable for a variety of uses. With the right shape and size, a fixed blade hunting knife, like one you can buy in this store, can serve for:

      • Skinning;
      • Boning;
      • Cutting the meat;
      • Gutting fish;
      • Minor tasks during the camp setup.

      Benefits of a Custom Fixed Blade Compared to a Folding Knife

      While choosing the best knife, most people struggle to choose between fixed blade knives and the ones that fold. Both options have their strong and weak sides, and both have vocal supporters and haters. Let’s take a look at the positive side of carrying a still custom blade:

      • A fixed blade hunting knife can be found for sale at least in the medium price range that has a part of the blade inside the handle. This means that it is more durable and stronger than any knife with moving parts;
      • They usually have a better, more convenient handle, which makes for a better grip;
      • Fixed blades are often bigger, which is better when you hunt large game;
      • They are also easier to clean.

      Downsides of a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

      The only major downside that fixed knives have is that they are a bit on the heavy side and are harder to carry. The longer blade can also be harder to use with small prey. Plus, they are not as functional as foldable knives with different blades. Overall, if you don’t mind having a sheath on your belt or around your leg, a knife with a custom fixed blade should be your choice.

      Why You Should Shop for a Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Online

      Purchasing things online has become a big part of our lives. The Internet is the best place to get quality products faster and cheaper than anywhere else. Hunting knives are not an exception. Choose a top of the line fixed blade hunting knife we’re selling online and get a slick-looking practical tool with a unique handle and sheath for a fair price - come take a look at the whole assortment on our website.

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